Lima Photo Day Tours

We like to explore Lima with our cameras. Not only to the classic touristic areas, but to explore the markets, streets and lifestyle, and depending the season to some different places in the countryside, where we may shoot nature and landscapes, learning on the way a bit more about Lima, on places not covered in tourism books.

You are invited to know a bit more the city of Lima with your camera and lenses.
If you want to go further we may arrange a longer trip across the country visiting places in the amazon, the coast or across the southern Andes.


Lima is a city that can be visited the whole year, in the city best and common places for shooting the lifestyle and old buildings are the main historical center and the district of Barranco. During our winter months (May to November) is usually covered by grey clouds, with very flat but smooth light for shooting, but it makes easier to walk without the heath we have in summer. The other months should give us the chance to shot at sunset and blue hour.
Far from the streets we have many special places to go, to watch birds, walk on coastal hills and valleys, visit ruins or fishermen places. Or maybe a single or multi days photo trip in the Andes of Lima.


Peru is a very diverse country, important to plan is to come from April to November if your goal is Andes and Jungle.
We have been in many regions of the country, so if you need some recommendations or plan a longer trip, please count with us.
Apart from the main cities and ruins we have places of extreme nature, good for wildlife and landscapes. It will depend on how far you want to take your camera with you.